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Bonnybrook Parish

This is the third major version of the Bonnybrook Parish website. The original website was set up in 2015 based on a simple template. The second version, published in 2016, was a complete redesign and build. The overall purpose of the site was to provide information about activities in St. Joseph the Artisan Church, Bonnybrook. Most of the information on the site is static except for the home page which contains news and announcements. I also built the second version so that it was responsive across different devices. It also included a Content Management System to allow the client to update their content themselves.

The third iteration of the website, launched in 2019 to coincide with the completion of the renovations to the church and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the opening of the church, included all the above and was a complete redesign to give it a more contemporary and vibrent look and feel.

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Campbell Simpson & Associates

Campbell-Simpson & Associates

This is a one page website. It is responsive and contains a Content Management System for client updates. The client has since let the domain name go and is no longer maintaining the site.

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Ayrfield Parish

This is the Ayrfield Parish website. The client requested a website that would supersede a very old and badly designed website that contained information not directly related to the activities of St Paul's Church in Ayrfield parish. Unfortunately, the client did not take my advice to take down the original site nor allow a 301 permanent redirect to the new site.

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